Is Dell's XPS M1710 The Fastest Graphics Notebook Computer Ever?
Barry Gerber

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Classifying The Dell XPS M1710

Using our standard table for classifying laptop and notebook computers, the Dell is clearly a notebook. It is 15.5" x 11.3" (39.4 cm x 28.7 cm) and weighs 8.13 pounds (4000 g).

Type of Mobile Computer Weight (Pounds/Grams) with standard battery Size (Width & Depth Inches/Centimeters)
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Less than 2.5 / 1134 Fits in standard size pocket
Ultra Lightweight Laptop 2.5 / 1134 or less Does not fit in standard size pocket
Lightweight Laptop 2.6 / 1179 to 4 /1814 NA
Standard Laptop 4.1 / 1860 to 6.5 / 2948 or less 13 / 33 x 11 / 28
Notebook Over 6.5 / 2948 Over 13 / 33 x 11 / 28

The Dell seemed heavy to me until I remembered Fujitsu's N6410, which tipped the scales at 10.31 pounds (4670 g). That was a heavy portable. Of course, comparing either of these to the 5.47 pound (2480 g) HP Pavilion DV1000T makes either the Dell or Fujitsu seem like a veritable ton of bricks.

As I offer comparisons of the three computers in the features table try to remember one basic point. The Dell M1710 and Fujitsu N6410 were designed for games and multimedia . The HP DV1000T is more a standard size laptop for home and office applications.

Both the HP DV1000T and the Fujitsu N6410 I tested came with 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo T2300 mobile CPUs. Dell's M1710 can handle Core Duo processors with speeds up to 2.16 GHz like the T2600 CPU installed in the evaluation unit I tested. All three of the computers can handle up to 677 MHz DDR2 memory. The XPS M1710 had 2 GB of 667 MHz memory. The N6410 had 1 GB of the same speed memory. The DV1000T had 1 GB of 533 MHz memory.

As for hard disk drives, the Dell and Fujitsu enjoy an advantage over the HP with their faster 7200 rpm drives when compared to the DV1000T's slower Fujitsu 5400 rpm drive.

Both the HP and Fujitsu had 10.8 V, 4000 mAh 43.2 Wh batteries. The Dell had an 11.1 V, 7200 mAh, 80 Wh battery. It will be interesting to see how well the Dell's almost double capacity battery does in what looks like a power hungry notebook.

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