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New York mayor says Amazon headquarters debacle was 'an abuse of corporate power'

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is still upset that Amazon isn't coming to New York.

Uber sues NYC over limit on ridehailing vehicles

Uber is suing New York City over its temporary cap on new vehicle licenses for ridehailing companies to address traffic congestion. It claims the city plans on making the cap permanent.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei: The US 'cannot crush us'

Huawei's founder is striking a defiant tone in the face of American attempts to curb the Chinese tech giant's international reach and prosecute his daughter.

Uber says it lost $1.8 billion in 2018

Uber, the most highly- valued US based startup, is heading into its much-anticipated IPO after more than one billion dollars in losses last year.

Airbnb subpoenaed by New York City for data on listings

New York City has subpoenaed Airbnb for data on roughly 20,000 listings in the area to make sure hosts aren't breaking local laws about short-term rentals.

Russia is backing a viral video company aimed at American millennials

Three online video channels designed to appeal to millennials have collected tens of millions of views on Facebook since September. But the pages pushing the videos do not disclose that they are backed by the Russian government.

Huawei says it's received a warm welcome in India

Huawei says it has been embraced by the Indian government despite concerns elsewhere over the security of its products.

Apple and Google urged to remove Saudi app that tracks women

Human rights defenders are calling on Apple and Google to remove the Saudi government app Absher from its platforms, saying that it allows Saudi men to track women under their sponsorship.

This AI is so good at writing that its creators won't let you use it

A new artificial intelligence system is so good at composing text that the researchers behind it said they won't release it for fear of how it could be misused.

Stockton starts giving some residents $500 a month to fight poverty

Residents of Stockton, California have been through a lot: from widespread foreclosures to the city going bankrupt. But for a handful of residents, some help is here.

Wonders of the universe

Despite record profits, Amazon didn't pay any federal income tax in 2017 or 2018. Here's why

Amazon hasn't paid any taxes to the US government in the past two years. Actually, Amazon received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal tax credits in 2017 and 2018.

Virgin Galactic to make second key test flight to space

Virgin Galactic will attempt one of its highest and fastest test flights ever on Wednesday, and it could bring the company closer to its goal of launching paying customers to space this year.

UK lawmakers: Facebook 'intentionally and knowingly' violated data privacy laws

UK lawmakers have accused Facebook of violating data privacy and competition laws in a report on social media disinformation that also says CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed "contempt" toward parliament by not appearing before them.

Shell is taking on Tesla with batteries for homes

Royal Dutch Shell has purchased German home battery startup Sonnen for an undisclosed amount.

Russian hackers targeted US think tanks in Europe

A hacking group that is thought to be linked to Russian military intelligence targeted the European offices of two American think tanks, Microsoft revealed late Tuesday.

Man discovers 30 year old Apple computer still in working order

A New York professor has Gen Xers reminiscing about their childhood after he posted images of his decades old Apple lle computer on Twitter Saturday night.

Virtual makeovers are better than ever. Beauty companies are trying to cash in

Agustina Sartori might as well be a chameleon. Her lips keep changing color, from matte red to glossy cherry to shimmering peach.

UK spies think they can handle Huawei in 5G networks. The US doesn't agree

The United Kingdom could undermine an American-led campaign to keep Chinese tech company Huawei out of super-fast 5G mobile networks around the world.

The UK would be 'irresponsible' to let Huawei into 5G, think tank warns

Chinese tech giant Huawei is facing a new attack as it tries to persuade the UK government to let it help build super-fast 5G networks in the country.