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Best Digital Cameras For Real Estate Interior Shots

Taking interior shots of houses and commercial buildings for real estate purposes poses a number of challenges:

  1. Most consumer digital cameras have a lens with focal lengths starting at 35mm, which does not cover a wide enough angle to show off an interior properly;
  2. The interior may not be lighted well enough.

These two challenges can be addressed a number of ways, e.g.:

  1. Take a number of panoramic shots and later stitch them together;
  2. Set up professional studio lights.

The above solutions are not very practical for the majority of real estate sales agents and interior designers who need an easier and less time consuming alternative.

Fortunately, there are alternatives:

  1. Purchase a digital camera that comes with a wide-angle lens as standard (at least 28mm) or accepts an optional wide-angle converter (be aware that converters may cut off your viewfinder view, in which case use the LCD monitor to compose your shot);
  2. Ensure the digital camera also accepts a powerful external flash which provides the full wide-angle coverage.

The following digital cameras and accessories are presented for your consideration as a starting ppoint for further research. As usual, do your own research and try them out at a store (try for a similar indoors situation) before you purchase. In alphabetical order of manufacturer:

View the QuicFact Sheet for the Canon PowerShot G6

7.1 megapixels
35-140mm 4x optical zoom
Max. Aperture F2.0
Accepts optional external flash units
Accepts optional wide-angle converter (with adapter)

104.9W x 72.8H x 73.1D mm /
4.2W x 2.9H x 2.9D in. (Excluding protrusions)

380g (13.4 oz) camera body only

MSRP: US$699.99


Minolta DiMAGE A2

8 megapixels
28-200mm 7x optical zoom
Max. Aperture F2.8
Anti-Shake Technology reduces incidence of blurred shots due to camera shake
Super-Fine Electronic Viewfinder
Accepts optional external flash units
Accepts optional wide-angle converter (22 mm)

117W x 85H x 113.5D mm /
4.61W x 3.35H x 4.47D in.

565g (19.9 oz.) without batteries or recording media