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Some Of The Features That Make The iPod Shuffle So Unique

The iPod is a very popular mp3 player. Apple keeps making them better and better with each new release. There are currently three variations which have storage capacities between 30 and 60 gigabytes that can store over 14,000 songs and a lot more depending on the average length of the songs.

The other variation is the iPod Nano that is a lot smaller than the main iPod. It has storage capacities between 1 and 4 gigabytes. The last, the least in size, but not the least in popularity is the iPod shuffle which is about the size of a chewing gum. Tiny in size but great in functionality.

It comes with a 512MB or 1Gigabyte storage capability. Apart from its remarkable small size, it is different from the other iPod's in its permanent random play pattern. You never can tell which song will play next. Now considering that it can hold over a 100 favorite songs, it gives a suspense-filled listening atmosphere. The type you experience when listening to your favorite FM station.

The only difference being that you don't hear advertisers' jingles. It is not just the order of songs that is randomized. The play list can also be changed. If you use the Autofill feature on iTunes.

This can load songs from iTunes' entire library. Depending on your mood, you can decide which music genre you want loaded. This is not the default but an option. It is useful if you prefer a particular genre for the whole day.

You can choose to fill the iPod shuffle with only RnB tunes, Jazz or whichever genre you prefer at the moment. The iPod shuffle's design and dimensions add further interest to its features. Like I said earlier, it is as small as a chewing gum. Furthermore, it weighs less than most lighters. This means you can easily wear it and keep up the music flow while involved in physical activities like jogging.

It is not prone to skipping because of the storage system it uses. You don't have any touch pad in the iPod shuffle.It has buttons instead. With these you can control the play and volume. It also has a switch at the back where you can switch off the battery and choose whether your songs will play in order or randomly. It has three lights that show the current state of the shuffle's battery.

Green means the battery is fully charged, yellow means low charge and red means critically low charge. You need to recharge quickly. If it shows nothing, then the battery is totally discharged. A fully charged battery can last for up to 12 hours.

It connects to your computer much like a flash drive. It also does what flash drives do: store non-musical data. iTunes gives room for you to determine how much space you want to use for songs and otherwise.

If you want to spend less and still enjoy the benefits of an iPod, then the under $70 iPod Shuffle is for you.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as high tech gadgets at

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