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P Cect Cell phone is it a competitor of Iphone

Cect P168+ ,an upgraded version of P168, is another Iphone clone from china. With it's 3.5 inch display screen and the "slide to unlock" feature, P168 has been considered as the best Iphone clone before. With cell phones like P168 and Hiphone in CECT's lineup, p168 is a stepping stone for CECT to explore their "Iphone clone" around the world. You can get it with $150 for item price, far cheaper than Iphone, but with most of the features that Iphone has.

P168 has the Dual Sim support, one can switch the sim card manually on the phone. All Cect cell phones are unlocked, so you can use them with all phone service carriers, and the speaker/sound systems for the cell phone are always better that what you can imagine, always comes with 6 speakers, 3D surround, bass?make it like a portable music player. Here is the specifications for P168+ Video: MP3 / MPEG4 Playing and Video Recording Camera: Internal 2.0 M pixel camera Touch-screen technology display Operating Frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900HZ Internal 260K Color 3.0 inch QVGA Display (320 x 240 pixel).

Size: 117 x 65 x 17 mm; Weight: 125g Call / Idle Mode Time: 120 mins /200 hours Camera: Internal 2.0 mega pixel camera Language: English, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese Video: MP3 /MIDI/ MPEG4 Playing and Video Recording Audio: 64 Chord Polyphonic Ring Tones Audio Recording Capable of downloading software Messaging: SMS, MMS GPRS T-flash Memory Card Slot WAP Browser1.2.1 Touch-screen technology display Tools: Calculator, 3 games, 3 alarm clocks, messenger, Hands-free speaker USB 2.0 "Shake control" is missing in the feature of P168, if you are looking for the features of shake control and video rotation, A8+, 599 and Hiphone would be you choices.

Screen Shot and phone galleries can be viewed on Cect P168

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