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Of the Best Remote Control Toys for Kids for Christmas

1. Bratz Tokyo A Go - Remote controlled Car 27MHz This car is a wonderful little r/c from Bratz that is a huge hit with the girls. They love having their own remote controlled car to play with! You can use the remote to move the car forward and back and spin it around race with the other girls and more! The car will fit two Bratz Dolls, so the fun goes with you! This Tokyo A Go car is a great accessory for the series of Other Bratz Dolls etc.

That is designed to play with it. Girls will be grooving! Also available in 49 MHz. 2.

Tyco Radio Controlled Terrain Twister Young and old are raving about this fantastic radio controlled vehicle made by Tyco. It takes on all types of terrain even mud, water, grass and twigs! It is a tough and easy to maintain vehicle and can stand up to rough play. 3. Cadillac Escalade R/C 1:6 scale -27 MHz New Bright industries has developed this 1:6 scale great looking Cadillac Escalade. It is a great car for its value and comes complete with spinning rims and an Awesome Exterior.

This car can operate up to 100 feet and has 3 speed controls. Also available in 49 MHz. 4. Hover Copter Wireless Flying Saucer the kids will love this incredible Hover Copter. It is able to both Hover and Fly while being controlled by its remote.

Loads of fun from ground to sky! 5. Nikko 1:10 Ferrai F1 R/C kit. This R/C vehicle New from Nikko requires some assembly, as it comes partially assembled. It allows the feeling of accomplishment in the process of finishing the project then the Joy of driving at top speed.

With its smooth turning and anti skid features it is sure to be.

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