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How To Start Your Own Branded Voice Over Ip Business

With every new industry comes an opportunity to make money. This is certainly true with Voice Over IP or VoIP for short. Branded voice over ip products and services offer a ground floor opportunity to those who want to get involved and build a large business. Here's how you can get started if this interests you.

The first thing you need to do is determine which company or companies you want to align yourself with. Included in researching the best reseller programs for branded voice over ip products is the cost to get started, the products themselves, how much do you earn on each sale, and the support material you will receive to help you market and promote your new business. 1. How much does it cost to get started? A search at AssociatePrograms.

com brought up 16 companies who were looking for affiliates to market their VoIP products. Your cost to get started is nothing. Commission Junction is another affiliate marketing company that brings merchants and resellers together.

They are worth a look as well. 2. What products do I have to sell? Many of the affiliate programs have a full range of products you can sell including personal phone number, text and voice email, faxing, PC-to-Phone long distance calling, calling card services and more. If you decide to build your own website you will want to offer the best products from several different companies. You may even be able to base this on personal experience if you use a branded voice over ip yourself. 3.

How much can I earn? Commissions range from 5% on the low end to 60% on the high end. It depends on the product. Some programs offer lifetime commissions meaning that once a customer comes and buys from you they are yours to sell forever. 4.

What advertising and marketing materials are available? Most offer banners, classified ad, email promotions and more. These are coded with your i.d. number when you join their program. Some offer replicated websites that you can refer your customers to. Eventually to make the most money you will want to combine the reseller materials with your own web pages to offer the best products and programs.

Branded voice over ip is going to be a huge industry. As internet telephony becomes the standard everyone is going to have to get their products from someone. As people begin to shop more and more online it gives opportunities for you to compete with the brick and mortar retailers that you would not have a few years ago.

Steve Lee is the webmaster for the premiere website for VoIP information. On it you will find ideas, articles, and answers to all of your questions about voice over ip products.

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