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Cable Vs DSL

If you have high speed internet or are in the market for a new service, keep reading. There are more internet providers than ever for customers who want higher speed capability. For many customers, the words Cable internet and DSL are thrown around quite often. It can be very confusing when trying to figure them out. What is the difference between Cable and DSL Internet? When it comes to cable internet, there are a variety of providers to choose from: Road Runner, Cox Communications, Charter, and Comcast. It works by broadcasting through the cable wires in your television via a modem.

Cox Communications is available to a select amount of areas including Oklahoma, Ocala and Gainesville, Florida, Roanoake, Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona, and several counties in California such as Palo Verdes and Santa Barbara. They offer telephone, internet, digital as well as basic cable and pay-per-view and on demand services. Cox allows their customers to bundle their services and gain access to digital cable, high-speed cable internet, and telephone for a variety of prices. To find out if Cox Communications is in your area, visit them at www. Charter offers cable internet, digital cable, and telephone services that you can get in a bundle or by themselves. The cable internet is up to 10 mgs and allows you to have 10 e-mail accounts. They offer Hi-Definition, On Demand, and a variety of other services that are standard in cable services. With the telephone service, you cna keep your own phone number and they also offer long distnace and local service.

To find out if Charter Cable is in your area, visit them at Comcast offers digital cable, cable internet, and digital telephone service. They offer Hi-Definition and On Demand. To find out if Comcast is in your area, see their website at www. DSL high-speed internet is a different matter entirely. It operates through your existing phone line so you don't need any new equipment. It tends to be very fast and you can take calls while online. However, it isn't available in all locations.

The most popular and widely used providers of DSL include AT&T and Verizon AT&T offers a variety of packages for DSL. They start at the Basic DSL package at $14.99 and goes up to the Elite DSL at $34.99.

They also offer other services for your telephone including local and lomng distance, digital television via Dish Network, and wireless or cell phone services. In addition, AT&T also offers the bundle packages running from prices starting at $59.99 to $139.

97. To find out if AT&T is in your area, visit their website at Verizon offers telephone and wireless services as well as DSL internet. They have a great option, "Price for Life," where you can sign up for a two year commitment to their DSL service and can have that monthly price locked in for as long as the service is offered.

Their monthly plans run from $14.99 to $29.00. They also offer digital television out of either FiOS TV which includes all the major cable channels as well as Pay-Per-View and On Demand. They also offer a DVR service as well.

Verizon also has digital television out of DirecTV which has all the major network and cable channels as well in addition to others like Pay-Per-View. To see if Verizon is in your area, visit their website at When you plan to get either cable or dsl internet, do your homework.

Find out what offers the most for your money and which ones are available in your area.

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